Colostrum Milk

@Neriz69 (1042)
August 15, 2011 1:10pm CST
Colostrum Milk is the yellowish, sticky fluid that comes out from the breasts of cows during the first few days after giving birth. It is fed to the calf for at least a weak or else the calf will not survive. Colostrum milk is very much the same like other cows milk except that it has antibodies and growth factors. It's really good for our bodies and it's the only food that has antibodies in it. I have taken colostrum milk and so I would like to share it's benefits. Whether you are sick or well, I really recommend for everybody to drink colostrum milk if not everyday at least once or twice a week. As I've said it has immune factors, these fight disease causing microbes such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. It has growth factors that promote cell and tissue regeneration and rejuvenation. It also has nutrient factors that provides vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals for general health.
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@AKRao24 (20641)
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15 Aug 11
Hello Dear Neriz! Thanks for the information regarding the 'Colostrum'! I am a Veterinary Doctor by profession and I would like to add few comments on this topic discussed by you! Yes, Colostrum is the first milk given by a female animal immediately after the birth of young one! This is rich in Vitamin A and other antibodies and it is a must for the young one for its survival as it is having antibodies required for the young one! But these antibodies are only can be absorbed by the young one if they consume this milk before 24 to 48 hours as this is the time where the intestine allow these antibodies to absorb into the blood system directly there after these antibodies are not absorbed and they are of no use to the young ones too! The antibodies present in the colostrum are species specific, that mean these antibodies are useful for the same species! Like a Cow's colostrum will be useful for a calf and mare's colostrum will be useful for the foal, that too within 48 hours of birth! This Colostrum is no way beneficial for Human health as far as its antibody properties and disease fighting abilities are concerned! Again once this colostrum is heated this gets coagulated and the all antibodies etc get nullified! Thus I think there is no point in consuming such colostrum by human beings , by doing so we are not only wasting the colostrum but we are depriving the poor calf or foal which in fact is righteous to have it from the mother as nature's protection for the helpless small thing! As far as the nutritive value of this colostrum is concerned this is nothing more than a normal milk and don't have any growth factors or antibodies to fight out any human diseases! Hope this comment of mine would help you to understand the topic in a better light! Thanks for the discussion and I liked participate in it! All the best!