Why are sellers charging full price for consumer electronics?

@apples99 (6564)
United States
August 15, 2011 1:55pm CST
I've been browsing ebay for an electronic item and usually the cost of consumer electronics on ebay are much lower, but lately I've noticed a trend from top rated sellers they are charging regular price for used refurbished electronics The whole point of using ebay is to get the best and lowest price and not have to pay full retail prices COME ON! even biddings end at nearly full price these days huh? Examples below ebay VIZIO E260MV 26" CLASS EDGE LIT RAZOR LED LCD HDTV Sold for $225.99 USED OR REFERBISED WHAT? Walmart VIZIO E260MV 26" CLASS EDGE LIT RAZOR LED LCD HDTV Sold for $209.00 NEW! NEW! HELLOW! I like ebay still, but it appears that ebay sellers are charging way too much for consumer electronics, in my opinion anyone else agree and why are sellers charging full store prices for these items besides the obvious reason greed?
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• Pamplona, Spain
15 Aug 11
Hiya apples, Can´t see why they should be selling them at almost normal Store price they are supposed to be doing the Clients a good return for their Money. Is that with the Transport and delivery included as well? Might as well shop local well that is if you can shop local because so many of those kind of Shops are closing down through no fault of their own. Perhaps E-bay takes advantage of this situation that is going on? We go to the City to get our things to a small Shop as there is big chain of Stores but I won´t name them but they are awful quality and not very good at all so we avoid them. My Son bought a Computer for them and it blew up on him the first time he plugged it in and more or less they told him "tough luck". So we will not be going there again just for that reason alone. Long live the small Shops that are still open and we ought to try and support them too if we can although for most its quite difficult. This one lets us pay when we can although we pay him quite quickly for the good turn he is doing us.xxx