SSS-LMS Diskette project

@laniekins (4587)
August 16, 2011 2:39am CST
Just this month I went to SSS office to file R3 and Salary loan list, the officer told me that they are not accepting manual R-3 filing, so I gave my USB to copy the file. I install it though I have problems on installing it and the manual/guide are 90% reliable. Now, I am having problem on generating report and I can't contact the IT department who handles the LMS diskette project, no ones answering the phone and the program is inconvenient for me. I have programs and encoding experiences but this one is kinda hard to understand, there's looping of data encoding to do and they do not explain clearly in the manual what should do incase of debug or problem arise. Having problem with the program too? This is just my first time to use this program cause I always do manual, less hassle and less problem.