Starting on a new path for infertility

United States
August 16, 2011 9:47am CST
We dealt with this in our last home state and after moving I didnt think I would deal with it anymore. I would just appreciate our two children. This longing is to strong though. This time these docs are so much more into helping. I thought an apt would last maybe 45 mins turned into half the day. My husband and I had blood work done, I had a couple things, I had docs come in and talk to me with options and a test that Im having done this thursday that isnt a fun procedure but will check for any blockages. Its so nice to have some one listen to me and help us figure this out. We would love another child, but I also want to make sure that everything is okay physically and not something wrong as to why I cant get pregnant.
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@koperty3 (1877)
16 Aug 11
I hope the doctors will help you. It's very important to find good doctor who actually listens you and try to help you not just only nodding and pretends interested. I wish you all the best. Let's hope that you will make it!
• United States
16 Aug 11
Thank you!
@pinklilly (3446)
• Australia
17 Aug 11
I was faced with the same problem I had two children and longed for another, it took years to conceive then I miscarried and was so distraught. It took another year later to conceive and this time everything was fine and now I have a darling new son. He is five months now and I love him so so much. I think more so because I realise how truely he is such a miracle. I wish you all the very best of Luck with conceiving a new child. I know the feeling of void and once you finally have another you will be So Happy and shining...