What Happened to the Brain

August 16, 2011 11:12pm CST
There is an old story about a lion who longed to eat his favorite delicacy, buffalo meat. There was in the forest just such a buffalo, but try as he might, he was unable to catch this tasty beast. So he decided to use his cunning to get what he wanted. He called his assistant, a fox and said to him, 'You know, I really don't understand why we live in fear of each other. Please go and tell the buffalo that from now on I have decided to become a vegetarian and invite him to share my den with him.' The fox went to the buffalo and conveyed the message. The buffalo was suspicious t first, but the fox argued that the lion was really harmless. After all had he himself not lived with the lion for a long time? Finally the buffalo was convinced. He came into the cave, was courteously treated and thus assured, he lay down to sleep. The lion wasted no more time. Upon a flash he pounced on the poor buffalo and killed him with one stroke. Now the lion's favorite was buffalo brain and though he was very hungry, all the waiting had tired him. So he decided to take a rest and instructed the fox to guard the carcass while he slept. Of course, now the fox also craved buffalo brain, and so while his master slept, he opened up the skull, and ate the delicious brain. Thus satisfied he cleverly replaced the skull and, with an innocent look on his face waited for his mater to awake. The lion woke up and eagerly went to enjoy his delicacy but great was his surprise and anger when he opened the head and found it empty. Furiously he demanded an explanation from the fox who replied: 'Master, the reason the skull is empty is that this buffalo had no brain. Do you think it it had any brain it could have fallen for your trick?'
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• Philippines
9 Apr 12
hahaha.this story made my day..Good one Angelslove..
• India
9 Apr 12
Hello,Very good story!!It really fooled the lion!!!Very good trick from fox!!Very creative mind you have!!! Happy mylottimg!!!
@JosephP (1118)
• Jamaica
14 Sep 11
This is a pretty cool story! I love it! Thank you very much for sharing it.