Lie and Cheat

August 16, 2011 11:51pm CST
I was shocked to read my high school friend's post on a social networking website. Seems like she telling the whole world that she lie to her mother and relatives and worst, CHEATED her husband! She even mentioned the name of the guy that she is having an affair with, and it turns that its husband's best friend brother! WHY is she telling such and worst why did she post that on a social networking where everybody could read it? What is her purpose? Does she want war for those concerned? or maybe she is trying to end something?whew! i salute her guts, only few can reveal such wrong doings publicly.
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• India
1 Apr 12
in my opinion one should not post too personal things in any social networking site, because it is visible to all, may be some do because of some inherent jealousy.. welcome to mylot.. Have a nice day ahead. Professor ‘@Bhuwan@’. . Thanks
• Philippines
2 Apr 12
yeah,i agree... so better keep it all to ourselves particularly sensitive/confidential issues. Thanks my friend ;-)
@lifes97 (885)
• United Arab Emirates
31 Mar 12
hi there, i do not know what type of people do that, my personal life is mine not a newspaper source, i do not like things like that, thats not a respect to the self and to the people around you thats my opinion i guess, but who knows wahts in her mind
• Philippines
2 Apr 12
same here my friend. i don't want to be the main topic of the "trending" in any social network. But for sure,she/he has his/her reason why they did that. Let's just wish them well and peace of heart and mind.
• United States
17 Aug 11
Some people just post way too much information on their Facebook. Way too often too. I don't need to know what you are doing every hour of everyday. I post a status maybe every 3 days. And it's never anything personal. If me and my husband have a fight, that's no ones business but mine and my husbands. I post stuff like my kids achievements, or something cute they did. Or If I saw something funny on tv. I think this is the true intention of Facebook.
• Philippines
23 Aug 11
yeah i think so, in addition to communicate with your long lost friends and loved ones. sometimes its better to keep personal matter among concerns.... but know what? i just found out that it wast my classmate who posted such information in her wall. Somebody who has access to her account made that.. so sorry for her ;-(... we should keep personal information to ourselves.