How do people get employed under facebook????

August 17, 2011 12:30am CST
One question comes to my mind that how many people are employed under facebook and how do they earn from this site.... I haven't seen any person paying on facebook and from internet surfing i got the figure that about lacks of people are employed under facebook... It says they do the work of managing the website and also there are lots of games under facebook which are upgraded from time to time. All this requires people to work but I don't know how they are getting paid and how much????
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@kaylachan (4776)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
18 Aug 11
The games and things from Facebook come from third-party companies. Facebook does not employee people to manage the games. It's up to the game creator to do this. And, each company employee's its people differently. Yes, there are admins, but often admin postions such as those on social networking websites like Facebook are done without pay. Seeing as Facebook is not makking any money from it's user base.... where would they get the money to pay their staff? Facebook started out as a site created by a couple of college students. They have never charged for their services, never forced anyone to buy products, and when it comes to adds the site has very little. Almost none compared to other free Media out there. It has never been for-profit, so chances are.... unless you're lucky enough to find the right app, you probably won't make any money from facebook.
• India
18 Aug 11
Yeah surely services of facebook are free of cost and also I haven't heard that facebook has charged any person nor even seen any where on website asking for credit card no. except on third party applications like farm ville and other games and apps... So can facebook afford lakhs of employees and pay them regularly????