How to make a lot of money on the internet

August 17, 2011 3:57am CST
I am a novice I hope you will give suggestions.
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@monouu (2612)
• Singapore
18 Aug 11
Most of the big buck that come from online are via selling & recruiting. There isn't really a workable guide on how to earn money online as many such guide maybe suitable for other but not for you, result always will vary. I've listed some easy international paying sites with payment proofs on my personal website, check out my profile. They are easy to understand & suitable for novice. Hope you find the info useful.
@Adornado (103)
• Philippines
17 Aug 11
Making a lot of money through the internet is not that easy and it really depends on your personal skills. Getting rich through the internet in a span of short time is almost impossible.
@CatGods (4595)
• United States
17 Aug 11
The amount of money you can make online is proportionate to your internet skills and knowledge. Those who are making the big money are using their own ideas in combination with with their skill set. There is no quick, fast easy way. Every one seems to think that the internet is some kind of alternate reality where money flows easily. Nope, making money online is like starting a business. It takes time, months or years depending on what you are doing.
@freyja03 (24)
• Philippines
17 Aug 11
The only way I was able to earn a bit of money was through transcription work. I;m doing odd jobs in mturk but seeing as they don't really cash out to those outside of US I am hoping that I will be able to make use of their gift certificate in some way.
• India
17 Aug 11
hey you cannot earn a lot of money on internet. u can earn but it takes alot of time if u want to earn money then you can invest in Forex trading and get a lot of money but without investing you cannot