@srjac0902 (1170)
August 17, 2011 3:07pm CST
Learning has been a life long process. Its a process of experimenting to find out the truth. In this learning we come to the knowledge of the consistency of the facts established. Then we watch the function, actions and reactions caused by a reality. When we learn a change occurs in our behavior. We are a product of our environment. When we accept certain realities as to be true then we accept and follow. When we learn something there will occur a contiguity and enforcement. With time and space we repeat such a reality learnt. When the little child learns, it learns because it has been led to learn. Some may have a natural inclination to learn and their brain will be alert to record all the experiences. Some will learn at the moment of learning process but they are unable to retain the memory. Many cannot learn but they repeat the matter with the process of rote memory. The measurement tool applied to test the learning standard is always subjective. A child born to educated and mentally mature parents may come out weel in the educational process. A child born in an environment of conflict may fix its eyes void and try to be in a dreamland without being aware of the need to learn the matter. It is very necessary that the parents rear the child with happiness peace and love
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