Suggestions on Next Year Vacation

amsterdam vacation - amsterdam
United States
August 17, 2011 5:28pm CST
Hey everyone, I'm looking for places me and my parents can go on vacation next summer. Last summer we went to London for a week, and spent a day in Brighton and loved both places. This year we took a break and decided to not go anywhere to not spent all that money because airline prices are so high. We want to go to Amsterdam the most, especially me, but tickets are about 2 thousand per person right now, and unless they go for half that we are not going to be able to go. Thats about 6 thousand roughly total before we even spent anything on a place to stay or buying anything while were there. Do you guys have any suggestions on places to visit, we live in Rhode Island, so nowhere too close or too far. My mom suggests Canada but that just doesn't excite me although I'm sure it's beautiful and I can drink legally in some places. Thats another thing, I'll be turning 20 next summer so I want to find another place that it's legal at 18 to drink to make it a even more special trip. We thought of Ireland as well and I'm kind of into that idea but I'm not sold on it. Any suggestions of places you've been to and loved or heard wonderful things about for us to visit?
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