How many of u prefer breath exercises with mediatation?

@naseemkum (1804)
August 18, 2011 2:35am CST
Do u know life span of tortoise its 150+ years and for elephant its 120+years . For men its before 120years now actually in india only 70years lifespan average. Ok i wil tell u that tortoise breaths 5times a minute in and out. Elephant 10 to 12 times a minute. Man generally healthy means 15 to 16 times. So can u come to conclusion that lessen breaths more lives. I dont say u to stop the breath because its equal to death but control breath by doing meditation. If we do half an hour a day for one minute we can breath 5 or 6times in and out so for 30minutes its 150times. Normally for 30 minutes we breath 450times. So ur gaining 300times breath for one day. So im sure it wil help u to live atleast 3days more than what ur going to live if we do half an hour mediatation. Do u prefer meditation daily and do u include breathing exercises with it?
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@greenline (14864)
• Canada
20 Aug 11
Focusing on the inhaling and exhaling is a way of meditation taught by meditation teachers. I do practise meditation every day, after I get back home from my work, atleast for 30 minutes, some days for one hour. That very much helps getting rid of the stresses of the day.