Movie from a USA student

August 18, 2011 3:34am CST
Yesterday, I went to the movie that a American student took in our city(China).They learn Chinese for four years but they can speak fluent Chinese.But,we, Chinese students --like me, learn English for 10 years,I think cannot speak English as well as their Chinese.I feel shamed.But if I study abroad in America of some English speaking countries,I think I can speak really good English.Communication is really important for a language. Ok,Let starts the movie.The movie is consisted of 8 parts, and each part has a different meaning.When he first came to China,he felt Chinese was like each sounds from the cars, or you can call it "different noise", but he try his best to blend in the local society,dance with the old housewives in the square,communicate with local people.The movie is like Chaplin style, silence movie, but there is the caption on it.He, as a foreigner, finds the beauty of the city and finds the lost indentity as he feels in the mordern society.It impressed me deeply.He also show the Chinese Characteristics to us, in different ways---words, culture, and the songs of Chairman Mao. It is really good and innovative movie which nake me think a lot of things.I think Americans live a relaxed lives, not like Chinese, they always put themselves in work,day by day, never want to rest to have a long holiday.Chinese are living a stressful lives,and they always busy working for lots of money.They donot want themselves stop to have a look at the view around them.What happened?
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@maria118 (27)
• China
19 Aug 11
Different country has different culture.We can learn different life style from other people.I have a dream ,one day I can travel around the world and make all kinds of friends as I can .