The world loses an overview and is intended only to superficiality

@gengeni (3308)
August 18, 2011 10:27am CST
The world loses an overview and is intended only to superficiality I have a feeling we all aspire too much like one of the idealism we basically can not afford! Prejudices play a large role, too, of course, outward appearances. The groups are the Different form in our world to recognize ever more clearly. Vulnerable People form a unified, strong social as well. That certain balance can only hold very lass, I find people very bad!
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@nakula2009 (2325)
• Indonesia
19 Aug 11
Tough question, and even superficial question. Everyone has to get his idealism and not complain about others! I think that's too simple. This begins in little .. be friendly to three people a day that you would treat any other matter .. and then you have the world changed a bit!
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• Indonesia
20 Aug 11
Actually I have a feeling that the "world" is the first time on the road to notice that they are one world. That does of course alter the fact that many small interest groups are formed and it is certainly not pronounced the same everywhere .. But most are already aware that there is a small world of its own that can organize itself or with some other needs, but also a large, global world that is somehow connected with the little ones. The weigh is sometimes quite difficult and most (including me), it often happens that one's own interests above the common good is - albeit sometimes with a bad conscience. Until the beginning of the 20th Century, many could hardly look beyond their own pond. To that extent there is already progress, but it just takes a long time.
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20 Aug 11
ooo, sorry nakula2009 my response put here.
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2 Sep 11
It is fully ******* the many look only to the outward appearances and not with the people in the interior there are many social and welfare Weak Strong are nice where you would consider it not at all and vice versa, it is exactly so
@rifnee (1713)
• Indonesia
23 Aug 11
First my response: YES! Then the explanation: There are several factors that play a role: The monetary-scissors (in the Western world) is pushed more and more apart. i.e. It's hard to have no money, and it's hard to be hated for that which has The NO-formation is good for any more! That once was I could for example a specialized secondary school not repeat (previously NEVER been left behind), the consortium because otherwise me and my mother had painted the help. -So-called "socially disadvantaged" are due to the permanent overstimulation and later by an average of prospects always "Dumber" (It starts with the general education) -So-called "service providers" are in the section "Social Dumber" ie Them at the lower limit is a life not even known. From blunt-man when they are overwhelmed with tasks. Human understanding requires abstract thinking and discourse on equal. note: surely you meant "individualism", in connection with social groups, idealism is quite out of context. Do not want people that close together is something that individual rulers, so a permanent basis tenor brainwashed is created so that people want to join together
• Indonesia
22 Aug 11
Many people should have become clear that the prosperity we have enjoyed in recent decades, is no longer affordable for all. Gradually, the larger group of those who have realized that material wealth does not engender the happiness for which we all aspire. Reflection on inner values ??and a resurgence of a feeling of togetherness - that's been stunted - will come. Many will come closer together. That's good. The only question is how to respond to business and politics.