Would it take a few points off from credit score?

United States
August 18, 2011 4:04pm CST
I just wonder, if I want to apply another credit card, and I fill up the form with my information in it. I submit it to the financial institution, and the credit card company took my info to check my credit history on all three credit bureaus. Later, they told me that I can only worth that much credit line. If I rejected their offer, would my credit score goes down, once a financial institution check on my credit history. If I accept it, it might boost up my available financial line, would it?
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@payout (3722)
• United States
19 Aug 11
Hey king parker, I'm assuming you establish some type of credit and that's awesome. Now if. You don't mind. Me asking how long have you had your current credit card.? I think the longer you have it the better it shows history the long and cleaner your history the better the credit which I don't need to tell you that I'm sure you already know. If I'm not mistaken I think you are correct about the deny part. If you have establish some type of credit and you are denied a credit offer from another credit provider it can effect your credit and your ability for anyone or any type of credit provider to question any offers. To offer you as of that time frame. I'm not usre how long it stays on your credit but try your best to keep it clean and at least pay the minimum. Also if youare denied that will show up on your credit history it will show up as type of credit card you where getting from company credit provider etc. It will show your last balance or current balance where you stand with your current card. Etc. Goes in detail that's how they decide. Income and etc is also important. Also.. If you apply for a credit card always have half or greater of your credit card pay off.. I will recommend that you establish more credit if you feel as if you will be or don't think you will meet that expectations of another credit provider because of your credit history and so on.. Well yeah getting approved will not improve your credit super fast that will also take time. Building creid will take time. Unless you buy a house or get a big loan like auto loan and etc and you pay it off well and faithfully then your credit can and will look awesome. I think it's good to have accredit card tha you feel tha you can benefit from not something you just want. Something you need. That's why they create different types like cash back points etc. I will recommend to be patience and look for something that will help you and if you have more then one try to keep the credit limit reasonable so if you need o take money out emegerency money you will feel comfortable paying it back in time. Well yeah wish you the best and good luck :)