how to be a good father with a 3year old boy..

August 18, 2011 5:04pm CST
im just 21years of age...and i have a 3year old son and i dont know if im being a good father to i a good teacher to him...did i do the right things for would i know??:D
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@se7enthbird (8328)
• Philippines
20 Aug 11
welcome to the wonderful world of mylot. i think you worry too much. i have a 5 years old son. you and your son needs to grow with experience. you will learn a lot from your child as he learns a lot from you. you need to set goals. you said you are still a student, then you need to be a student and a dad now. study and work if you can is what you need to do. dont forget that you are also a son so you also need to see if you as a son is doing right. if your parents will let you study even you have a son already then grab that chance to study harder and make your son as the inspiration. goodluck with the parenting and goodluck with mylot as well.
20 Aug 11
thank you for accepting me in mylot world..:D yes im very worried on how im gonna manage this things im almost to graduate now hopefully...he is a great kid at the age of 3 he already know how to opearate my laptop and even he dont know how to read he can still log-on even with a password on it and open a web browser by himself and open his favorite website and even plays in really amazed on him and i want to make sure that he will grow up successfully..:D
@ladygator (3469)
• United States
18 Aug 11
Parenting does not come with an owners manual. The reality of it is that you must raise your children according to what your heart tells you as well as your value system. I often ask myself this very question. I was 19 when I had my son, so I can understand what its like. I had a hard time being a parent and a big part was that the father was not around. Financially or in person. So the fact that you are there for your son will weigh out with positivitey on what you arent sure about as far as being a father. I am glad to hear of a man willing to step up and actually be a father. One thing someone told me once is this, how your children act in public is the portrayal about how you are doing. Happy parenting!!
20 Aug 11
thanks a lot actually living at my parents house now and i want to earn some extra allowance for my own family because i think im giving my parents another responsibility..and i dont know if im doing the right thing to be a parent to my son, just like making some rules not to do this things and really happy he come into my life to change me from happy go lucky person into something new that cares to the world still a college student and i dont know if im going to handle this things..:D
• Canada
27 Oct 11
I think that's great that you are eager to be a good father. Don't forget to be very appreciative that your parents are helping you out. If he goes to school and asks "why do we live with grandma and grampa when my friends live with their parents only" then you should tell him that you did not have a lot of money, and grandma and grampa love you guys both so much that they helped you by letting you live in a nice house. He will grow up to appreciate you and his grandparents if you show him how. Enjoy his childhood! He won't idolize you forever, so enjoy that now. You'll do fine if you keep trying your best :)
@JosephP (1118)
• Jamaica
11 Sep 11
You just have to try and watch him and point him in the right direction. Good luck my friend.
20 Aug 11
I think the fact that you are even asking this question would probably point to the fact that you are being a good father :) Spend time with your little boy. have bags of patience and mostly realise that the time before they start school goes so very fast and you will never get it back - so enjoy it! Spend every second you can with him! Show him love! You won't go far wrong :)