Twitter and marketing of products

August 19, 2011 12:53am CST
E-marketing is something difficult, but with the technological development and the emergence of social networks such as Twitter is easy to sell products and marketing Considering that each company of giants such as Intel and Microsoft have an account on Twitter to market their products and I remember reading a story about Intel as the percentage of their profits increased by marketing their products via twitter by 5% see the virtue of social networking giants
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@youless (94722)
• Guangzhou, China
23 Aug 11
We have a similar website like Twitter here. It is called Weibo. I must say that this is a new kind of marketing. Such as one day my friend read a post from Weibo and she was quite interested in the product there. And since she has folowers. Namely there can be people who be like her to want to buy it. It can make your product much more popular. I love China
• Israel
23 Aug 11
es, there are things that make the product more popular But Twitter still has a very large site visitors and members Marketing through twitter is wonderful and very profitable too
@seobuzz (1120)
• India
19 Aug 11
Yes twitter can be a very effective tool if you have lot of followers. unless you don't have lot of twitter followers your marketing will not be successful at twitter. For example I have more than 1400 followers in my twitter account. and I am very much active in twitter.
• Israel
19 Aug 11
Yes, we should have a lot of readers Marketing of products so you can easily Marketing problem in the past or now with the emergence of social networks far there is no problem, but it's easier marketing of which