What do you think of the dog?

August 19, 2011 2:39am CST
One coin has two sides.Different people have different views.I like dogs,because they are loyal and cute.How about you?Do you like dogs?What do you think of the dog?
4 responses
• China
19 Aug 11
i love dogs and i have a golden retriever who is so cute and smart and adorable.
@wmraul (2557)
• Bucharest, Romania
19 Aug 11
small and big - from the smallest to biggest dog
Yes, dogs are best friends, I like them all from the smallest one to biggest one, like in attached picture.
@chiwasaki (4661)
• Philippines
19 Aug 11
I think dogs are gifts from God. They will love you and accept you no matter what looks you have. They are remainders that God is with us and love us. I love my dog so much and I'm so thankful to God everyday for giving me such a blessing.
@Awinds (2472)
• United States
19 Aug 11
The world of dogs is almost as diverse as the world of humans. Your question is not as simple as it seems. :) Some dogs I adore - they are cute and furry and make you happy when you are down. A dog is the friend that won't gossip about you or abandon you because you have become "undesirable" in some way. On the other hand there are ugly dogs. There are certain breeds (I think they are called Mexican Hairless Dogs or something like that) that have no fur and just skin. This type of dog makes me queasy and I have a hard time getting past appearance. Then there are the giant guard dogs with sharp teeth and a nasty temper. They frequent airport fields and the adobes of the rich. They make sure an invader doesn't step one dirty foot onto the property and they are quite aggressive and dangerous while doing their job. I'm not really a fan of these kinds of dogs. The dog world is extreme. I like one extreme, but not the other. :)