Sparkling water inhaled through laughter.

August 19, 2011 5:58pm CST
Today I wanted something to drink from my bottle of sparkling water, but someone has called you so funny (we had not) and I had to laugh. I got it breathed fully, the whole time got to air caught, for me it's noises of the how such an asthma attack (was nobody listened but to something like that.) That have such crazy air after caught, and then as I'm so getting air again after 10sec coughed, but I do not think (if at all ...) came out a bit (even then only in shock crying ...). Is that bad? It was half a sip of water, but I have no air to get more. I fear that there could happen.
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• Indonesia
22 Aug 11
If it is after 2 hours still feels weird, you may start to worry you. The human body is finished with more than you think. Sure, you've got water into the trachea, but now you can breathe again. Also you have the sparkling water and more carbon dioxide, "inhaled" than usual. The natural defenses of the body is breathing, or rather cough. Has not worked, is not it? If there are any small remnants of foreign material left in your windpipe to be, your self-cleaning forces are already carrying them upward. In the same way as mucus at a severe cold, but here it goes easier and faster.
• Indonesia
21 Aug 11
If you get into the lung liquid is automatically triggered and coughing out the liquid, we coughed up. With a bigger crowd (like a mouthful), the reaction is very violent and very durable, which then leads to such a spasm of the diaphragm. Since you can not simultaneously pumping water through a tube in one direction (bronchi) and air in the other direction, then it sounds like asthma, first must get out before the water is clean air. If you can breathe deeply again, everything is OK.