The Gun that "protects" and "Kills"

August 20, 2011 8:49am CST
Hello Lotters, Which defines the gun? Does it more protecting or killing? even if the person accused to have killed some one in self defense, protecting himself or herself, it was still killing a elife. Gun killing has been sad news, most specially here in the Philippines, where we are ranked as one of the not so strict rules in owning a Gun. but that didn't disturb me, what is was two separate incidents. One, A young boy killed himself which fed up of his life for being addicting games and lying to his parents, basically dad thought him how use it. but before he committed suicided, he told sister to look his FB wall, she did but too late. Two, A police officer left his bag open on the ground, with a gun inside and chamber loaded not setting to safety mode, child sees it and pointed at her head and BANG! 3 year old kid dead. We got one million plus licensed gun holders, excluding 4 million who are unlicensed. we have cops and military but most of them can be trigger happy. An interviewed was conducted for the Pro and Anti-Gun Person's. And I am never convinced to the PRO because the gun dealers could also be selling weapons to bad guys, with valid ID's. There's a Great Responsibility holding a gun, but only few are up to it.
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@ebuscat (5949)
• Philippines
21 Aug 11
For me it is more than to kill you so bad the effect of it scared to be handle to it be watch you gain more bad.