Love ends but good relation still persists.

August 20, 2011 12:21pm CST
A lover and his lady of love parted with each other with the promise of maintaining respect for one another and good relation between themselves throughout life. They also promised not to make or pass any adverse remark on the other. It was an incidence of my young age and they are still now maintaining the same relation as promised before. I think they have set an example which should be followed by those who ultimately part with each other but with a bitter experience. If there is any problem in continuing a relation to make it a permanent one, it is no doubt wise to end it but not to convert it into a bitter one so that they can be of help to each other during any need.
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@trezege (66)
• South Africa
22 Aug 11
Yes, it's a good example but what if someone one hurt your feelings especially if you loved them so much. What if the relationship ended because someone cheated. If I break up with someone because they did me wrong I would prefer never to talk to them again or even never to see them again. I would only maintain a good relation if the break up was mutual and love faded away
@kaplya (1578)
• India
21 Aug 11
I don't understand how some people are able to remain good friends with their exs. For me seeing them again may not be that painful but still it would make me remember some good times or perhaps not so good times too, that I shared with them and this thing would interfere with my peace of mind. But yeah I can be on talking terms with someone I loved before but they would be just like acquaintances not friends... maybe I would learn to remain friends with my exs with age :)
• United States
21 Aug 11
This can only happen if the two were friends and bot agree the love affair should end but not the friendship. But sadly there are many couples who only love but do not like each other.So when the loves ends, they can't be just friends. And it depends on why it ended , there can be resentment.
@blue65packer (11835)
• United States
21 Aug 11
That has never happened to me. All my boyfriends ended up being non friends! Some I wanted that way,some just happened that way and there are a few I have no idea what happened to them! Had alot of bad experiences with men and the good ones happened at the wrong time! LOVE REALLY STINKS!
@toniganzon (53187)
• Philippines
20 Aug 11
That is so nice. When my ex boyfriend and I parted there was no closure. We were both hurt but he told our common friends that maybe someday he and I can become best friends. We never bad mouthed each other nor had ill feelings toward each other. We met a few years ago and we chatted like old friends again. That was my closure.
@celticeagle (119115)
• Boise, Idaho
20 Aug 11
I think that two people having respect for one another is very important. If you have that then you can maintain the respect throughout life without having to have a relationship. Immature emotions can convert a very nice thing into something ugly and untolerable. THese two people sound as if they are very mature and respectful.