How to choose a computer based on its specification?

ram - a 512 mb ram
August 20, 2011 12:57pm CST
what does processor, installed memory (RAM),system type (32-bit operating system) means? how does each affect the computer? how do you buy a computer based on this specification?
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@KING23 (26)
• Philippines
10 Sep 11
All the components that you mentioned is critical for acquiring a new Computer.The processor is the one who process all the activities of the computer, it is necessary for the buyer to know first what kind of computer he/she want to use, for an average user it is advisable to use only 32bit operating system because it is the minimum requirements for most software's that we use.RAM memory refers to the memory that we temporary use during processing of data and software's application that we use.It is necessary for a user to have a high RAM memory if he/she uses high graphics software and other high specification software's,for a beginner like you, You must know first where do you use your computer.know your priorities for using before thinking what kind of computer do you buy in the future.Read specification of software's you want to use before buying computer,It will help you a lot to consider components you might need inside your computer. I hope my advice will help you. :)
@jaffna (778)
• India
21 Aug 11
All you need to do is go for the perfect brand popular in market. I mostly select Sony and it' products for all the electronic items I purchase. After selecting a brand, look up for the latest product and version available. Browse over the net and read reviews for that particular product. Reviews in sites like cnet reviews, reviewsarena will be helping you out with the product specifications. Also, large number of people who have already bought the product and used for few months would have posted their reviews and ideas for the other users to have knowledge about the product. So, that you can have idea on the pros and cons of the product you need. So, finally, you can have a general idea and view about the product you wish for. Also, while purchasing from vendor, make sure to ask for whether you had received any complaints about the product you choose and also ask for the best sold computers or whatever product you wish to buy. That's it. hope this information helps.
@Dymo75 (340)
• New Zealand
20 Aug 11
Basically, a high number is a good thing. And what you're using it for counts too. If you have a choice between 32 bit and 64 bit, I wouldn't fuss over that unless you're a movie manic, 3D animator, or a heavy gamer. But 64 is better. Again, if you're a heavy user, I suggest a fast CPU as well as RAM, maybe be even more. 2 - 4 GB RAM is usually good enough. Hope it helps.