Why is there sometimes so thin types with really thick girlfriends?

August 20, 2011 4:11pm CST
Is this then a case of 'opposites attract on' so to speak of. So this may indeed be many a dry types are then available to women who are really thick. Have previously seen only in the supermarket again ... Conversely, one rarely sees (ie, fat man with skinny woman)
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@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
24 Aug 11
How to embeds itself, now lie in it! One loves it hard and bony, the other soft and cuddly I even get up on the golden middle. Since you have a bit of everything!
@rifnee (1713)
• Indonesia
23 Aug 11
There could be many reasons, one can not know everything ^ ^ e.g. I knew a had a really big friend, I always personally thought the whole and did not fit. Since I've learned a few days later that he is together with the thick girlfriend, because she has given him a real car tuned up, back into the luggage compartment 2 really great stereo. The car was certainly very expensive. D Of course it is not now at any Sun But you never know
• Indonesia
22 Aug 11
Well, there are all combinations. But this is just a little more. I guess that the women of fat men have a relatively relaxed life. For him, they do not have to go hungry and so are / she will not stay long skinny And for fat women who are liked by men as they are thin, it may be similar. All other combinations are for women who are prone to obesity, rather exhausting Source (s): I tend to weight fluctuations due to illness. The nicest partner, I always had when I was fat, which liked me as a person and have accepted my body, whether thick or thin.
21 Aug 11
Hi kendedes2011, In love, if 'age doesn't matter', then maybe, 'weight doesn't matter' also. There are many successful marriages in these conditions. It is the people who look and take notice that thinks there is an imbalance. Its only appearance they see. What is important is that the couple are happy and love each other no matter what.
@pbbbsra (1214)
• Philippines
20 Aug 11
We say in love age won't matter and a lot of other things so why would weight matter then? Maybe there is something more than weight that they loved in that person. My husband is fat too, and he hates it when people stare at us outside because I am thin. I tell him I don't care, I love him as he is and people see him only outside. I know his heart and the person in him and that is who I love. Some fat women with thinner husbands may have a story behind their weight. I have a friend who used to be so thin before marriage, then she started gaining after getting married. But nothing changed between her and her husband, he does not even want her to diet and tell he he loves her no matter what.