@nike74 (296)
November 20, 2006 5:04am CST
Hi, This is very sad and serious topic.. Do people here support OLD AGE HOMES? Do you want your parents to stay in so called homes in their old age?
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• United States
20 Nov 06
Sometimes it is unavoidable. I would prefer that my mother live with me when she can no longer live on her own. But my grandmother had Alzheimer's and she couldn't be handled at home. She was actually a danger to everyone else in the house. She would get up in the middle of the night and start cooking and then go back to bed and leave the stove burners turned on - things like that. So we had to put her in a nursing home where they could take care of her round the clock. If something like that happened to my mother it would kill me, but I'd still have to put her in a nursing home. My grandfather was so sick the last couple of years of his life that he had to be in a nursing home just for the medical care. It's hard but that's also the price we pay for extending our lives to such a great extent. Both my grandparents lived to be over 95 years old.
@emmaoxley (525)
20 Nov 06
This is quite difficult. My mum looked after me when I was small so I would be inclined to feel that I should look after her if needs must. But this must only be if the whole family is ok with it too. If you have small children this could make it difficult. On the other side I would worry about the way she would be treated in a home after all these fly on the wall programs. I think this is one of those questions that cannot truly be answered until that situation arose in your life.