WHAT IS PTC?(new abbreviation)

@naseemkum (1804)
August 21, 2011 1:32am CST
.Oh i had find a new abbreviation for ptc. Its not paid to click. Its really Prepare To Cry yes i just mean it because i got scolded from my father why im doing and clicking advertisements its just a waste of time. I cant prove my dad its real earning because i dont had any money to show my father what im earned. Its just a waste of time but i loved wasting time because im clicking til now i cant control my hands towards there. Do u had any experience or addiction towards ptc sites?
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• Malaysia
23 Aug 11
why not you join Traffic Exchange like easyhits4u, You also can drive traffic to your sites + and earn money there...
@naseemkum (1804)
• India
23 Aug 11
I tried so many traffic exchanges but its doesnt gain me any referrals for my programs. Mean to say that i dont had time to spend with traffic exchange sites.
• Mexico
3 Feb 12
I have used some of them, but mostly they are scams flooding the internet all over. you must be very picky when it comes to join a site, because you never know what the real intentions of the site are.
• China
22 Aug 11
Everyone has their own interests. Do you like to do it .
@daud4ms (218)
• United Arab Emirates
21 Aug 11
happens, and without referral its like you have to believe in one thing 'Patience is a virtue'
@tutulch (86)
• Australia
21 Aug 11
Your father is right, really its a waste of time; finally it is up to you how you utilize your time.
• India
21 Aug 11
Ya,,I also joined many sites and earned some money.Mnay sites went scam so I couldn't got any money.. If u want to earn money then write articles and earn money.This is only way that I m earning now.U can join triond ,the link is on my profile above my profile pic....I will provide u articles as well...So that u cn earn money.... Thanx..