Are you being betrayed by your friend?

August 21, 2011 11:56am CST
Every one of us has a lot of friends and to think that they have different personalities, I can really say that one of them will really betray you. The fact is really distressing but we need to accept and face the fate of friendship in this world. What are the things that made them hate you? Number one. You've got many friends. He/She just can't figure out why they like you. It is actually on how you interact with people that makes you good and be a friend to other people. Number two. He/She is not given an attention. Several people would really seek for attention if they lack it. This thing comes from their personal problems in their life. In some cases, some needs a little consideration. It is really necessary to talk with your friends and give time for a forum among all of you. Number three. There were unsettled problems. Sometimes, you tend to forget the things that are so hard to forget. Every so often, you are being reminded by the time. In such case, you started to create burdens and hatreds in your heart. The best way to avoid this is to keep yourselves busy with other things. Hang out with friends, etc. Number four. Inconsideration. There are many things that you need to consider to a friend. If you don't know how to consider, then you will never be given a time to be considered as well. It is a give and take system. Number five. Abuse. Friendship entails limitation. Between you and your friend is a barrier of restrictions. Always inculcate in your minds, that even if you're too close, there are many things that need to be aware of. Never go beyond it, or else, everything will turn out to nothing in just a wink of an eye. Respect is most important value. If you really want to be respected, you respect other people.If you really want to be respected by the other people, you learn how to respect yourself.
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@grahzie (42)
• United Arab Emirates
21 Aug 11
nice one! did you really wrote that? i mean composed it..
22 Aug 11
Yes sir. My articles are inspired by some sporadic incidences that i have experienced. Thank you so much for the complement and God Bless you!
• United Arab Emirates
22 Aug 11
don't know if your messing out of me, but does my name sounds like a man? your very much welcome ma'am.. Godbless you, too!
• Philippines
22 Aug 11
there are friends who talk behind ur back. yes exactly i agree on number 5.. even the closest friendship has to set limitations bcuz if u have respect for ur friend then u will not abuse them. and its easier to set limitations that to win back ones trust.
22 Aug 11
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@joystick (1680)
23 Aug 11
There are a few friends that i have caught out talking about other friends of theirs behind their backs and i will say, that if they are back stabbing them to me and other people they must be doing the same about me to those people.I try to avoid people that are back stabbers as i have better friends to spend my time with.After a while you get to see peoples true colours come through.