You can replace a LOVER but cant replace a long time TRUE FRIEND

August 22, 2011 1:09am CST
It shouldn't have to come into a situation to choose between a Friend and Lover. but sometimes friends get jealous because the lover gets more the time and lessens the friendship bonding moments...but if its a true friends they should understand the situation and give the time for your personal happiness...When the relationship with the lover gone sour the friends will be there to be by your side ...but should not meddle in the would be nice if your lover and your best friend jive together worries just happiness c",)
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@KrauseHome (35690)
• United States
22 Aug 11
Personally I think people need to look at the situation. Is their Lover their husband or wife, or just a situation that is there for the moment never really taking the time to allow it to go anywhere else. Is it just something you are taking for granted choosing your friends over this situation as well? Personally I am married to one who I consider one of my Best Friends and Lovers, and people know that no matter what is going on in life my husband always does come first.
• Philippines
23 Aug 11
it the situation above is they both different entity wherein the lover is in a start up or on the works type of relationsip and the friends is your long time buddies or girlfriends. There are scenarios wherein both lover and your friend doesnt have the same wavelenght and you do a balancing act of keeping both.
@JosephP (1118)
• Jamaica
8 Sep 11
Yes the best thing would be for the lover and your friend to be able to get along. Separation is a big problem in my opinion. It causes sadness and frustration. So we should always try to live in unity and not separation.
• Philippines
22 Aug 11
Its indeed that friends are more important. But is it better if your lover is one of your closest friend? just ask.
@jricky1 (6807)
• China
22 Aug 11
A true friend is indeed different from your lover,a friend could do anything to help you and honestly,maybe your lover would leave you.So i just can't live without my great friends.I feel the world when we stay together.It's so-called happiness.Happy mylotting.