Have you seen "My strange addiction" on TLC? fake or real

United States
@Judy890 (1130)
August 22, 2011 2:29pm CST
Although it's a weird show I find it interesting to watch. I remember on one of the episodes there was a young lady who ate laundry detergent I'm surprised she didn't die, I feel like the show is fake because I've seen so many people eating things that are inedible like rocks, cigarette ashes, couch cushion and haven't died. some claim they've been doing it for decades how did they survive? I also realize that most of them when they visit the hospital the doctors never see anything wrong with them the doctors usually say "if you continue you can get cancer" The latest episode I've seen was the young woman who kept eating her dead boyfriends ashes? are you kidding me? I mean whats the deal with that show do you think its scripted?