What video games did you like to play as a child?

@Judy890 (1633)
United States
August 22, 2011 9:45pm CST
I grew up playing Nintendo and Sega games. I use to love to Play Sonic, Super Mario, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Tetris. Those were my top 5 games, I don't play games as much anymore but I will go online and play racing car games sometimes. What video games did you play as a child? If you're 18 and up what games do you play now?
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• Canada
4 Aug 12
My favorite game was Super Mario Bros. 3, I all different types of games now. From World of Warcarft to Jax and Dexter, I love video games.
• United States
29 Apr 12
I played a lot of games as a kid. Some of my favs were Mario, Sonic, Streets of Rage, Final Fight and many others. So many good games. Games I play now are Final Fantasy, Rocksmith, GTA. I still play quite a bit of games, but I'll always enjoy the classics.
• United States
16 Sep 11
Donkey kong country is one my favorite games still. Super nintendo graphics aren't anything special now but in the 90s it was amazing. It's impresive how far gaming consols have come in the last decade or so. Ironically I still find myself playing donkey kong sometimes because it's such a fun colorful game with cool sounds effects.
• United States
24 Aug 11
My first console was the Atari! My favorite game was Frogger! I have a Wii now and usually do the fit games or watch my son play, he loves Harry Potter Lego! I alos play some games on Facebook like Farmville and Farmtown.