Freedom or slavery?

August 23, 2011 10:44am CST
Who doesn’t want to have money? Everybody wants this and to bush for money is not a sin. Having more money means more freedom. But desire for amassing money for amassing sake is enslaving. The desire makes you a slave and makes you dance to its tune. If in this way, money makes you a slave where is the freedom that it’s supposed to give?[b][/b]
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• Philippines
23 Aug 11
Unfortunately, I have gotten used to the fact of not having money every day. so, now a days even though i got my pay out from mylot, i wouldn't use it all because i got things to buy and prioritize which is really important to purchase or spend it on first. i don't think slave is a good thing in any situation my friend. we just have to learn how to get out of that problem and make a fun out of it. mylot is fun but i don't want to be slave to it too much. have a nice day
@amkiller (533)
23 Aug 11
very nice said, But I think money do give you freedom if you use it right for example you have to spend it a lot to get freedom.