How to teach effectively?

August 23, 2011 6:03pm CST
Teaching is a broad definition to tackle. There are two types of it, the active and passive way of mentoring.The active kind of teaching entails full participation of your students while having the class. The teacher must teach with enthusiasm and use all the motivational tools to catch the student's entire attention. On the other hand, the latter type is not bad at all but this way is not so effective as the first one.In here, the teacher tends to do his or her job because of compliance only without taking thought on what would be the learners output in the end of every discussion. Hence, the best way of teaching matters on how the teacher conducts the class, either through active or passive ways. What about your point of view? Do you have your own methods of teaching? Then, better share it for us to learn.
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24 Aug 11
My best choice for teaching is active. It's very important for teacher to teach actively because this makes students hard to study. The students will feel the motivations from the teacher and the others.
24 Aug 11
Thank you josh121, maybe you've experience this one. You don't need to be a professional teacher just to apply this method but for me even in other fields you can be a mentor on your own way.