What do you think of women who are always telling others that they are pretty?

@karagala (447)
August 23, 2011 9:43pm CST
I know of a girl who's a bit different. In the eyes of an artist, no one's really ugly. Every face is an opportunity to do art, but here comes this one girl always exerting so much energy telling people that she's pretty and sexy - conceited. I'd like to tell her, "No one's asking." She's pretty alright but the moment she tells people she's pretty, that's a bit annoying and the score goes down from pretty to ugly. For me pretty is pretty inside out. The moment she opens her mouth the score goes down. In psychology, it's called insecurity. I wish she doesn't have to exert so much energy trying to prove how pretty she is. I'd rather that other people be the judge of that while she sits and waits for the compliment. What do you think of women like that?
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@lampar (7597)
• United States
24 Aug 11
A truely pretty and sexy woamn doesn't say it out herself, it is told by other people apart from herself. But the sense of insecurity inside her constantly prompt her to tell other about that to fulfill her inadequency and deficiency, to satisfy her emotional need of self-gratification for full attention from all around her. I can only feel sympathetic to someone like her rather than angry at her.
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@karagala (447)
• Philippines
24 Aug 11
Very nicely said.
@a0saggu (12)
• Canada
26 Aug 11
I agree with what your saying, people should be so conceited and self obsessed. When people brag about them self's like how pretty they are it ruins it, they should wait for other people to complement them, instead of doing it them selves. When you brag about your self, and tell people how pretty you are, in a way it makes you ugly in their eyes. Someone needs to tell women like that to stop, and that its not good to brag about your self. And beauty is not just whats outside, whats inside counts to! And i believe true beauty comes from the inside and looks don't or shouldn't matter!
@dyeni23 (128)
25 Aug 11
I had my fair share of meeting people with that kind of attitude. In psychology, I thinks it's referred to as narcissism? Being egocentric, that her focus is only to herself. Well anyway, I don't know her history, I'm not sure what's the treatment like if she's all by herself or at home. That kind of attitude may be her coping mechanism, we never know. Let her be, avoid her if you can't stand her. That's what I'm doing. Because some people tends to do that because of valid reasons that we may not be aware of. Conceited people tends to get in my nerves so it's best that I'm avoiding them to avoid wrinkles too. :p