no countdown timer for LogiPTC

August 24, 2011 1:34am CST
Hello everybody! I'm not really sure if it's only me having this issue with LogiPTC, or if it's true for all users. I signed-up for this PTC site last night and I noticed that there is no countdown timer. There is an instruction on the list of available sites to wait for 10 seconds before clicking out, but once I clicked on the ad link and I get to the advertisement page, I can't find a timer, progress bar, nor any validation message to make sure that I get the credit before I click off. I was able to catch approximately 10 ads, but I was only credited for three. Do I have to do the countdown myself? Is it really how it's done with LogiPTC? Is this a browser or system issue? or is this selective blindness on my part?
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