Politics aside, I like President Obama as a person... how about you?

United States
August 24, 2011 7:24am CST
Obama seems like a well meaning, hard working and personable guy. I would say as a neighbor he would be the kind of person I would like to get to know. Politics aside, how do you feel about him?
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@matersfish (6311)
• United States
24 Aug 11
I've been sitting here literally 20 minutes trying to decide on whether I'd like Obama as a regular "person" or not. And I have to say, I really don't know. I think I will have to lean toward no. No, I probably wouldn’t like Obama as a person; I probably wouldn’t want him for a neighbor. “Hey, Barack, how about cutting that grass?” “Well, umm, the thing is, th – the last guy in this house didn’t cut his grass. Umm, so, well, I inherited this lawn. Give me until September to work up a lawn-cutting plan.” "But it's been three years; it's still just growing! You said you'd cut it last year, the year before, and before you even moved in!" "Haha. Well, you see, umm, if you'd let me speak and answer, you'd realize that this kind of mess doesn't get cleaned up overnight." Okay, that’s in jest, but the man’s insistence on pointing the finger at any and everyone but himself is, to me, the antithesis of an endearing quality. It’s incredibly annoying. Then there’s the issue of what he says compared to what he does. Do I want a neighbor who says he’ll show up to help me put my pond in and then not only doesn’t show up but has the nerve to blame it on my other neighbor for his not being there? How do you judge Barack Obama fairly? How do you or anyone else really know who he is? Is he like some of the individuals with whom he associates? I honestly don’t know. But I do know that any other person save Obama has been judged by the company they keep – but not this guy for some reason, and I think that reason is the fact he talks a better game than anyone else in town. Is he a hateful, vicious, mean-spirited, wealth-bashing, redistribution-monger like some of the people he has put into positions of power around him? Is he a hateful, vicious, mean-spirited, America-bashing, collective-salvation guy like the man whose church he sat in for two decades, with his wife and kids for some of that time? Is he all the connections you can find around him despite the things he says, or is he what he says? Is he the man who claims to want "balance" when the cameras are on, or is he the man who whines and walks out of meetings behind closed doors if people do not do what he wants them to do? On a personal level, Obama is a guy who would probably give me the creeps.