What will u do if ur fiance is dating ur best friend

August 24, 2011 8:42am CST
what will u do if discover that your best friend is going out with your fiance.
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@wmraul (2557)
• Bucharest, Romania
24 Aug 11
Now hold a minute. The problem is not a problem. Let's take it one bridge at the time. First of all, "fiance is dating bst friend" and "best friend is going out with your fiance" are 2 distinqt cases. First imply she had the initiative, which mean broke the engagement and keep the friend. Second mean he have started to push her and she fall, which mean good bye both. Next is I wouldn't bother to much: loose them both and move on. At the end of the day, she is guilty no matter what; he can have an excuse he REALLY didn't know she was your fiance - as to prove you he is a friend, he will dumb her too. If you ask me, is very unlikely he didn't know, as is best friend ... DO not forget to ask her back the engagement ring. Once you had it back, sell it to your ex-best friend
@haopee (494)
• Philippines
24 Aug 11
Same as how I'd deal with a cheating partner. Verify first if it were true or maybe I'd just over-thought what I saw. Ask for the reason why it happened. Discuss it if that person is no longer happy with me or if the relationship is not working out well. If there's still a chance for it to work out, give them a chance and a warning. And if it's a no, walk away crying. My statement above sounds a little direct but that's how I picture it out if it'd ever happen. Of course it hurts! Surely there must've been telltale signs that have indicated he/she was cheating. It even hurts more since it was with the best friend (the person we tend to trust most). But life is harsh and prolonging the pain will be self deteriorating while they'll be back in each others' arms in no time. In short, if I decided to discontinue the relationship, I'll walk away and engrave this experience in my mind as a test to my inner strength.
@roxxtime (299)
• United States
24 Aug 11
It sounds more like an ex-fiancee and a worst friend. I would break up with both of them.