a grown man

August 24, 2011 5:39pm CST
Is it wrong for a grown man to cry?
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@rifnee (1713)
• Indonesia
26 Aug 11
Have already seen weeping old warhorse of generals and who have not even too ashamed. Even with the usual Christmas celebrations in the U.S. Army Europe, or when we were in Lebanon were many tears. Only when "my one" they did not because my upbringing was different.
@najibdina29 (1309)
• Indonesia
25 Aug 11
I personally find it good if a man brings his feelings to the fore. An adult man has a right to cry just like a woman or child. For me that means that someone is not so trite. Earlier and even today is drummed into the boys that will not cry a boy, what is total nonsense in my eyes. Everyone has a different feeling emotion. Cry better than beating up things.
@bagarad (12747)
• Paso Robles, California
24 Aug 11
I am the sort of person men open up to, and I've seen many grown men cry, including my very masculine husband. Tears probably help prevent ulcers, though I can't prove that. Men hurt just as much as women physically and emotionally. When man cries in front of someone he is hurting very badly indeed. One should consider oneself privileged to see those tears, since it means that man trusts you enough to let you see how hurt he is. That gives you a chance to comfort him and listen to his pain, and this will make your relationship stronger. I would like to add that I have not been in romantic relationships with most men who have shed tears in my presence. Most have been like brothers to me. They would not have shown these tears in front of other men, in most cases. This was brought home to me when a young man I was close to called me when he had found out something devasting in the way of family secrets. He was alone at his family's home and I went to him, listened to him, and prayed for him. Then the phone rang. It was one of his male friends who wanted to come over. In an instant my friend had pulled himself together as if nothing had happened and I left. When any person holds back tears that come from emotional pain, it can cause health problems. The pain is still there, eating at the person, until it is resolved. Keeping it all inside is not good. Neither is it good if the pain comes out in violence to someone later.
• United States
24 Aug 11
I have no problem with anyone showing their feelings. Sometimes, we just need to cry whether male or female. I think that it can actually have negative effects on a person's psyche if they bottle up their emotions. My boyfriend is a very manly man (LOL) and thankfully, is not afraid to tell and show me how he feels. I love it.
• United States
24 Aug 11
No not at all, I think when men show their feelings it's really good for them, most men think they shouldn't cry but I really like it when men cry, I think men need to show their feelings more.