Win32 API

Slovak Republic
August 25, 2011 6:06am CST
Hello everyone! I would like to learn Win32 API, but first I can ask you if there is no some newer GUI than Win32 API. Second question is if Win32 API can be in other operating system ( for example - LINUX ). Have Win32 API any future or is better to learn a Java ? Write your opinion please.
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• China
10 Feb 12
Win32 API only in Windows,it dont use in liunx,if want linux need use Qt..,if you want learn Win32 API,need read MSND or MFC
25 Aug 11
hi bigdog, win32 is the low-level part that makes Windows looks like it does, there are other higher-level libraries that are more portable than win32, such as gtk+ ("GTK+ for Windows") and wxWidgets. win32 is only for Windows and will not work on any other os natively. If you want to be able to use your software on different computers (e.g. mac, linux, windows) then I would recommend Java, as it has a built in gui library. good luck.