I love rap songs but it depends...

August 25, 2011 9:04am CST
Some rap songs nowadays have this what we call "double meanings" which are so profane but I've heard just recently a rap song originally composed by one of my students before and it was good. The lyrics are wholesome so I think I should love rap songs again. Do you agree with my thought about listening to rap songs?
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@skydancer (1983)
• United States
18 Sep 11
I only have one rap album and it is by Shaquille O'Neal. I actually like quite a few of the songs on it, believe it or not. My dad got it for me back when I was a kid and Shaquille O'Neal was my favorite athlete (outside of the race car drivers I grew up on, that is). Even my cousin who was a Michael Jordan fan (rivals, haha!) had to play it non-stop when he came over! Other than that, the only rap song I ever liked was Coolio's "Gangsta Paradise." I also like dance songs that have rap sections in them. Here's an example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iR9Q8J1wUYU A friend once gave me a Christian rap album but I haven't listened to it yet. It looks interesting! So I suppose I am like you in a way. I don't like all rap, but I like some, depending on what it is. I don't mind if it has a rebellious streak to it (heck, I've always had a rebellious side!) but I cannot stand anything obscene where they think they have to use the F-word every other word to make a point.
15 Sep 11
Not all rap songs are bad, all genres have their artists that push boundaries and others that stay well in them. You should look around for other rappers who's lyrics you like if you really like the style of music.
26 Aug 11
Yes. There are some rap songs that don't make sense but there are some that make sense. For as long as you love the beat you can set aside the lyrics. I love Nicki Minaj's Super Bass.