If anyone loves me, I treated him badly! Why?

August 25, 2011 10:33am CST
Whenever I had a friend and I noticed that he loves me very much, I start to treat these people badly. Now I'm married .... until now everything went well but I can tell already that it's all repeated again. I can not trust my partner more and not believe him that he loves me but even though I know he loves me. In everything he does I check it and see everything negatively. If it continues like this he left me because I'm ready to him. The men who loved me and now my husband, I start to treat him like ******* just because he loves me! Why am I so? I do not understand it!
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@rifnee (1713)
• Indonesia
26 Aug 11
Take control can let there always be to be your husband that you are dissatisfied, it's glad that your husband at all to keep you pull yourself together something you do not want the one appointed you treated badly. one day you must not be surprised if your husband leaves you and you're all alone.
• Indonesia
26 Aug 11
have you experienced as a child does not love? If one parent is gone? Secretly, you give yourself to blame for this? Somehow you think you did not deserve love or you've never met her and really think it is wrong, a false sense and it can not be because you defend yourself, however ... you treat the ones you love, so bad. You are a lovable person, so why should not you truly love someone ... this is the therapy, you need time to accept yourself as you are ... you are allowed to love and be loved.
@Fireheart (683)
• India
25 Aug 11
I think your personality is to like someone who doesn't bother you much thats what i think, there are some people whom i have noticed no matter what you do for him or her that doesn't get re payed not that it should be re payed or debited, like that those people who dont help them they gets all the credit wonder that is related to persons personality, when i tried that opposite approach it really worked.