Is Globalization is Good for the world.

@hafiz008 (450)
August 25, 2011 12:59pm CST
Everybody knows about the term Globalization. I heard that there are countries who doesn't sign WTO. So What do you think about Globalization. Is it good. I think it good. It is because it has developed many under developed countries.
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@Olleenz (3400)
• Indonesia
25 Aug 11
Globalization in "economic" term ? It's depends in what country do live. Some countries can't accept this, other countries might get huge advantage on this. There's some risk in globalization. Countries who not ready in globalization (like mine .... hiks) just become "consumer" from other countries. Many factors involve why they become a "consumer" rather than "producer" : 1. Lack of knowledge. Countries who had a lot educated people in their countries easier adapt to every changes in globalization and take advantage on it. 2. Lack of technology. Countries who only had middle or low technology easier to become consumer country. This because they had production cost higher than other country, so if they want something cheap, they tend to import it rather than make 3. Lack of information. Information is everything. People who had less information gonna get eaten by other people who had more complete information (you what I mean went I wrote this). 4. Lack of work culture. Every countries always says that they had a lot of hard working people. Really ...? Think again. Hard working doesn't mean "hard in working" only; they must have discipline, effective doing their job, no time spending etc. 5. Etc. What do think about this .....?
@ronadelle (1547)
• Philippines
25 Aug 11
Globalization for me is a big No. There are a lot of hidden agendas on this. I would suggest that you research more about this. I don't know how to explain everything but just please know more. More explanations are out there on the internet.
@catamari (127)
• Romania
25 Aug 11
I am not so sure. Look nowadays few power people in the world lead the world. I believe that the globalization will happen there will fewer people who will lead the world. I am not sure. I love to see more small comunities where people can manage themselves their energy, water, food, so on. Finally theres is a discussion about the power of leading the world. Ok, I disagree with Globalization.
@DoctorDidi (7030)
• India
25 Aug 11
I am not a financial expert but as far as I realize, we have no other alternative but to accept it as the only way to survive in this present crisis prevailing through out the world.