falling in love or falling out of love?

August 26, 2011 3:17am CST
I have a neighbor and they are very young couple who seems to have a really happy family. I saw them the first time when they were still preparing for their wedding and eventually I saw them ended up settling down with the bond of marriage. I am so glad to see their examples each day.I witness how they fall in love with each other until such time that one day I saw them acting differently. I could hear out from my window that they were fighting and swearing. I don't know what's happening and i'm really surprised because of that quick transitions in their relationship. I've heard some rumors in our neighborhood that the husband is still seeing his former girlfriend which I think that's the reason why they are now falling out of love from each other. How sad I was knowing these things and that makes me realize how would i prevent such circumstances if ever i will have my future husband as well? what could be the best tips you can advice for them if you know these people? As a neighbor, do I have the rights to try helping them?
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• India
19 Sep 11
A person diverts his love when he find some dislikes in his lover. so instead of quaralleing,try to find the dislike thing that she has. then make that to beliked by him. then things will be aligned. No matter how much time doeas it take. but love can be put back to its status.
@mammots (3271)
• Philippines
18 Sep 11
if the husband and the wife are fighting it is best to leave them alone because its a family trouble and no one can intervene. only the both of them can resolve their problems. they are still relatively newly married and i'm sure they are still adjusting to each other and to their married life together.i'm sure after they fight they will kiss and make up and will be back in each others arms because the bond of marriage that's binding them together is not easy to break at all.
@kearkear (259)
• Philippines
27 Aug 11
Hi Bashful87...The story you have brought out is really touching. A reality that's happening today. You should not be afraid of this thing of falling in love. It's a matter of acceptance and trust with your partner. Trust is always the key for a long term relationship. In this world no such permanent. The important thing is you will know the real meaning of love and to feel the magic and happiness of being in love. As a neighbor, it's better you will not confront them coz' maybe they are in the process of acceptance and understanding to their individual situation. Let them realized if they truly love each other or not. It's them who could help with their present situation.