why is it that all basic needs can raise quick than a salary?

United States
August 26, 2011 7:37am CST
Did you noticed that all human basic needs can raise in a blink of an eye, the next day you wake up your money is not enough anymore to buy what you need no matter how much you stretch your dollar..and salary is very hard to raise even a penny? what are they expecting us to do, miracle.?
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• Philippines
26 Aug 11
I think what we should do for now is think about how we can beat the inflation by actually investing our small salary in businesses that we can engage in. There's no way of stopping inflation, we can only try to prepare ourselves for the incoming rise of the commodities that we need. You can tighten your budgets out by actually spending our salary on what we need and the profit that we make on our businesses for things that we want.
@maximax8 (28558)
• United Kingdom
26 Aug 11
A salary or a wage stays the same yet living costs raise. Energy prices have risen and are going up even further. Gas and electricity are essential for homes in my home country. I use gas central heating which runs to a high bill in the winter. Food and drink prices have gone up and continue to do so. I like special offers. I feel like it is detective work checking out which supermarket has the best prices. I like to buy a brand of soya drink and now costs one pound thirty five pence but one supermarket has it for ninety pence. A fruit juice I like usually costs one pound and thirty one pence. Some supermarkets sell it 2 for two pounds but one supermarket sells it 2 for one pound and sixty pence.
@choybel (5059)
• Philippines
26 Aug 11
Although I can't really prove it, I believe there are people behind all these, who just can't get enough.
@scheng1 (24742)
• Singapore
26 Aug 11
Hi Inday, we need oil in the world today. When oil price increases, you can expect everything to increase in price. Your boss can also expect to have lower profits, since the only ones to gain from increase in oil price are the oil traders and Middle East governments. Since your boss suffers from a lower profits, he cannot pay more salary to employees, and yet the employees have to pay more for the same goods. Even things like rice and coffee are affected by oil price. We need to use oil for the transporting of rice and coffee to the market.
@waflay (2727)
• Nairobi, Kenya
26 Aug 11
We live in a world that none can predict its course in economy wise. Who do we blame? What caused all this? Is there a way out? and so ever are questions that ring in my mind every time I buy something twice or triple the price I used to buy in a few months ago. As you said, Should we hope for the miracles to safe us from this economic humiliation? I don't think so. Just hope that one day one time, you and me will reach the peak of all these and what will remain will be the valley all round it, it will be easier by then. Depending on salary as the only source of income in this tough time is hard, and increase in salaries nowadays is just like a dreams that will never come real. In fact most companies are laying off many of its workers in many countries. The only way out is to have another stream of income. I hope you won't ask me 'how!'.