Application of several common electrodes in corrosion study.

August 26, 2011 10:52am CST
Hello Friends, I am doing a research paper on application of the common reference electrodes in the corrosion studies. Is there any one who can give me some suggestions for the applications in the field?
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@Harmonics (251)
• Philippines
28 Aug 11
Common electrodes? What particular electrode are you referring to because there are a lot of it and with respect to corrosion, the have a different rate depending on the factors like being internal or external?
1 Sep 11
Hello Harmonics, I feel really Happy as at least one person here understands my questions, here is my actual problem, I want to find the solution for the following question. Q: The potential of an electrode is measured as -0.916 V relative to a 1N Calomel reference electrode, what is the electrode potential on the standard Hydrogen Scale? Note: Hg2Cl2 +2e=2Hg+2Cl Eo=0.268V(SHE) (Gamma) in Kcl is =0.606 Hope you can get me answer Thank you
• Philippines
3 Sep 11
I'll try to find the answer. It seems these are chemistry stuff if I am not mistaken.
5 Sep 11
actually its a corrosion study, I wanted to answer it for thesis, but actually no ideas on that
• Philippines
27 Aug 11
Based on the number of Nobel Prizes that I've won, I'd have to say you're on your own on this one.
• Philippines
28 Aug 11
I really laugh upon reading your response frontvision. LOL
@petersum (4525)
• United States
26 Aug 11
I wish you lots of luck but really, that kind of question is way above the heads of most people here! Such technical items generally receive no responses. I hope my response makes you fell better than receiving none at all!
12 Oct 11
Really you were right, I did not get any new response for my questions related to Corrosion, Really helpless here.