How do you think dalai lama?

@Ever26 (25)
August 26, 2011 11:57am CST
There are prejudice on dalai lama in China,most people think he is a dictator because of his attitude abt tibet.Yeah,there are some clash between Chinese goverment and The dalai clipue.l'm a tibetan,I'm confused sometimes,so what do you think abt that?
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@swift19 (37)
27 Aug 11
As a Chinese we should know something about dalai lama ,he is a greatman ,he like Tibet and love tibetan ,all the tibetan admrie him too .Bu something happened in china and people enjoy happy life people like peace .Sometimes Chinese don't understand him and the goverment tell us some negitive thing So I want to know the truth shi bu shi hen lan a ? bie dr jiu xing
• Chengdu, China
26 Jul 12
My friend. I have to say Both Dalai Lama and Chinese goverment do love tibet. they love the wide land and the hiden unexplorered resources, but the question is they didn't make the deal how to share the resource. So, our dear Dalai Lama was kick out. What a pity.
@Adoniah (7515)
• United States
26 Aug 11
If you are from Tibet, why do you list yourself as from china on your homepage? And why do you not know anything about the greatest living man from Tibet? I consider the current Dalai Lama a very great man. I think you know nothing about him or Tibet and were just wasting time writing a Post.
• Chengdu, China
26 Jul 12
Interesting! Ever26, She is from Tibet province. I am from Sichuan Province which is the nearest province by Tibet. Even I have work for a Tibetan music company for near 2 years, and be the friends with them up to now. I think they don't want a slave owenr like before. I don't konw whether Dalai Lama deserve the Nobel Peace Price. But seems as if U are sure of Dalai Lama is a very great man. Why U can say that? Have U ever been to China?Tibet? If Hitler win the World War II. Perhaps, He will get a Nobel Price for the pushing of cheap car that every German family could afford. I don't like be fuc*ked by politicians. by both Chinese and US politicians.