Which is a better Pet?a Cat or a Dog?

August 27, 2011 12:52am CST
There are a lot of pets out there but lets just stick to these two. I love dogs but I prefer cats simply because dogs are harder to maintain and to take care of. Dogs simply are messy, they are noisy and even though they are fun to play with, they are just to rough on the edges. Cats though are fun and cuddly, they are just about the right size, they are fluffy and they are easy to take care of. Cats are gentler than dogs and are very easy to tame when they misbehave and I prefer them more not that I hate dogs. Your choice everyone, Cats or Dogs?
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@ur4mae (217)
• Philippines
27 Aug 11
I think dogs. Dogs are loyal. When you feed them, they treat you as their master and would protect you no matter what. Cats on the other hand, would feel like the master and treat you as the slave.