PTC, PTS, PTP, etc. are fraudulent acts. People who do them are turkeys - GB

August 27, 2011 4:00am CST
I use to work as a TSR but after a recent accident, I was unable to continue my regular employment, and forced to work from home. I have already tried online surveys, encoding, and translation jobs before, unfortunately after all those brain-twisting and hardly worked hours, I never got paid. But I cannot give up. I have continuing financial responsibilities and my resources are limited. A few days ago, I started working with PTCs. Being new to this line of work, these past few days were filled with some painful discoveries, such as: 1. If you're working alone and you're not lucky, you may have to visit a thousand websites just to earn a dollar. 2. You will need referrals to help you earn faster. 3. You will need a website to facilitate the referring. 4. You will need a host for your website. Due to limited resources, I searched for free websites and found some. In half an hour, I came across 3 blog sites posting GTP links and banners hosted by Google Blogger. (Pardon my innocence for I really did not know.) I signed up and before creating the blog, I went to the help forum just to make sure I can post my referral links. The reply to my query was: "It is possible to do it - but you'll be back here asking why your blog has been removed, before long". How could that be, I wondered. I've just been thru some GPT-posting blogs hosted by them, the most recent being actively blogging since late last year. So I followed up asking if it will be possible if I already have an existing domain. This time the reply was a bit condescending: "Am I being overly subtle or vague? I'll keep trying. It's possible to do this, yes. Technically, you can install many mods on your blog, given enough patience. But if you do this, your blog will probably be classified as spam and removed". Along with this reply came this link. I was going to ask, in the same condescending manner, if they have a technical definition for the word "remove", because the blogs are there, actively blogging with almost daily updates. But before I do that, I opened the link. Some of the articles there state that GPTs are fraudulent acts, that people who engage in them are frauds and thieves. PTC, PTP, MMF practitioners are openly accused as scammers, despised to the point of being branded as "turkeys". Some articles close with an insulting "Gobble,gobble". I soon realized how stupid I was from their point of view. It was as if I knocked on the front door and asked the residents of the house, "Is it okay if I steal from you?". Stupid, stupid me. I ceased clicking websites after reading some of those writings and immediately wrote this message. I need to be assured that what I am doing is not wrongful. I suppose it is legal but whether it is legal or not is beside the point. myLotters, at this point I don't even care if I earn any credit for this activity or not. From our discussions, I know that some of you are also engaged in GPTs, and I need your help. Erase my doubts with your knowledge and confidence that we are doing the right thing. Help me earn my peace of mind. In the meantime, I will be looking for my own answers. Are we scammers, robbers, frauds....turkeys?
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• India
27 Aug 11
Hi friend, U can write articles or do the offers .That is the independent way of earning online and u do not need any referral...Thanx..
• Philippines
27 Aug 11
Thanks, Monasharma Is there any particular site you can recommend where I can write articles for?
@viner16 (242)
• Canada
1 Sep 11
Reviewstream Triond eHow I reccomend these sites. They all pay for articles.