. dandruffs

@SIMPLYD (82943)
August 27, 2011 9:31pm CST
I experienced having a dandruff . It was so itchy and it falls on my blouse when I comb it. It’s so yucky to see in a black blouse or shirt. But I do enjoy seeing them fall on a black used shirt, whenever I would comb them with the intention of getting rid of them all. The whiteness of the dandruff would fill the shirt. Other than that, I hate it. I guess, I get rid of it with Nizoral, a shampoo for dandruff. In a week of using it , I get rid of them. From then on, I would every now and then use Nizoral to really keep them from coming back. So guys, what could have been the cause of dandruff?
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@toniganzon (53346)
• Philippines
7 Sep 11
If you ask the dermatologists they would tell you that the cause is genetics, stress, lifestyle, environment and eating habit. And they would also tell you, you cannot totally get rid of it as it will keep coming back especially if you are stressed.
@SIMPLYD (82943)
• Philippines
8 Sep 11
I think you are right too Toni. As with any other ailments, it would not be totally eradicated in our life, if the cause of the stress is still with us.
@aeiou78 (3457)
• Malaysia
28 Aug 11
I hate to see dandruff. I were having it. But now I am totally free from dandruff. To avoid having dandruff, I shall have enough rest, wash my hair daily with the suitable hair shampoo for dandruff. After washing my hairs, I apply some hair tonic to massage the roots of my hairs. My comb should be wash very often and flush with hot boiling water to keep hygiene all the while.
@SIMPLYD (82943)
• Philippines
29 Aug 11
It's a shame to have dandruff really. Specially, when you noticed it fell on your shoulders and it's too obvious because your shirt was black. But with those medicinal shampoos, dandruff could now be easily treated. And as you said , massage some tonic to the roots of the hair too.