what will you NOT give up?

@chiyosan (30206)
August 27, 2011 10:59pm CST
in live, we always strive to get what we don't have... we always want to achieve things, and then achieve more when we are already get the former things we used to want... But have you thought about what you already have now? Have you thought of the things that you currently have the YOU won't give up? have you already decided which one of your possessions, etc (inluding relationships) that you are sure, and you affirm that you won't ever give up?
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@nezavisima (7417)
• Bulgaria
28 Aug 11
to do when you have a strong will and spirit can not give up many things. and I think it should. because each of us has any dreams itseli who wants to achieve and even harder this is our life a struggle. nice day!