Is there a connection between abuse and emotions such as joy?

August 28, 2011 1:11pm CST
Do people who complain never happy? Are people who swear a lot, able to cry and joy? Is there any connection between grumpy and complain and cry and joy?
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• Indonesia
29 Aug 11
After a brief conceptual analysis of all the people I know I can not see any significant correlation in the frequency and intensity of emotional expression between anger and joy. It might seem logical that the outbursts occur most emotional person in both directions (anger / happiness) increased, but I can not confirm easily. On the contrary, even to me it seems as even as before when it would, then correlate only antagonistic; People often show their happiness and are generally cheerful grumble, rather rare and not so intense and the people are plagued by regular outbursts of rage, however, their intense and often show little joy. Is of course only a personal impression so far and could only be due to chance.
@najibdina29 (1309)
• Indonesia
29 Aug 11
It's about feelings in general. Who can be happy, of course, can also annoy. Who is in feeling, can not do both. But crying is not necessarily a must when annoyed. Laugh and cry depend very much closer together than annoy and delight.
@thezone (9451)
• Ireland
28 Aug 11
"What are you talking about Danny?" No point starting this rubbish if you can't back it up! Or do you want a list of swaer words? Could be fun