Contract or Pre-paid?

United States
August 28, 2011 6:07pm CST
There are many different options available for cell phones these days. Pre-paid plans are getting cheaper and cheaper, and many people are switching from contract to pre-paid. Do you prefer contract or pre-paid cell phones, and why?
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@sk66rc (4261)
• United States
31 Aug 11
Like someone mentioned above, it all depends on personal needs. I know pre-paid services are getting cheaper but there's also a draw back to that. I'm with AT&T right now. If you look at the AT&T pre-paid service coverage map, it's slightly smaller. Because I travel a lot, although not as often as I used to, some of the places I go on a regular basis would be out of service if I went with AT&T's pre-paid service. Also, a lot of pre-paid service has limited amount of minutes you get. If not, most of the times it's either limited coverage or roaming charges if you leave their "own" coverage areas. There's a pre-paid mobile company out there called "cricket". It sounds good at $45 for unlimited talk & data & texts. But if you look at their coverage map, that's only with in their own coverage areas & once you get out of it, it's 25cents per minute. I go through 2,500 - 3,000 minutes a month on voice calls. Even if I only use 10% of it outside of their area, that's 250 - 300 minutes. That comes out to little over $60 to 75/month on "roaming" charges on top of $45 monthly charge. Which means my bill would be around $105 - $120/month. I'm on a contract & my bill hasn't gone over $86/month. It's a lot cheaper for me to go with contract services.
@Olleenz (3400)
• Indonesia
29 Aug 11
I always use pre-paid for two reason: 1. Getting cheaper and cheaper 2. I only use Cellphone when I need it and we only pay what we use. If we use contract phone, sometimes we must pay something even we don't use it.
@surfer222 (1714)
• Indonesia
29 Aug 11
I prefer a pre-paid phone, because the cheaper the price the more they use trick to suck you money out of your cell phone. If the operator try to trick you, you can easily change to another operator. One of the trick that the operator use is to send you premium sms without your agreement, and those premium sms can suck you money from your cellphone. I've got this problem with the previous operator and now i think only few people still use that operator.
• Philippines
29 Aug 11
I think it is really depend on your needs. If you are a person who is fond of calling and sending text messages many times a day postpaid or contract is the best to used. But if you only used your cellphone when you need it or just need it to give a callback or a reply,I think prepaid is applicable.