what is love?

August 29, 2011 10:55am CST
Love is God. It is a state of mind. A great loving people are meditative people just like Ramana Maharishi
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• Singapore
4 Sep 11
Love is God that I agree. To me, love is not demanding or having expectations. You can't force things or people to love you. It is within the soul to act out that love from our hearts. Letting go of one you think you love is also an act of love. Example, if you knew a person you love no longer has love for you and truly for his or her happiness (since one claimed one loved him/her), you would wish him/her well and part ways on different life path. Majority of mankind if they are normal in relationships think love can be binded by a marriage certificate. When things do go wrong, they argue not out of love but out of possessions. Using the paper to threat and demand or even be manipulative in an on going binded marriage on earth and not by spirit. True love is not physical or emotional. It has no boundary and has no restriction. It is a freedom of expression not in human lustful ways but rather with deep sense of respect and gratitude for all living things.
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• India
5 Apr 12
Once i heard from someone, ” True love comes in your way only once in thousands of years “. I don’t understand how much it is true. But it gives me a clear picture of how rare true love is. Trust people when they say that they love you. Your trust can make them believe that there is still a place in your heart where love can develop. After that, you don’t have to do anything. They would find a place in your heart and would help you feel more more connected with people around you. True love is not something to reject. Don’t you believe that it is nice feeling to be truly loved by someone? After all, it is your decision, you life and your relationship. You have full control over your life. Just remember, every person is special and when someone is offering you love, you are more deserving to be really loved by someone. Be proud of being truly loved by someone. Learn to receive love and accept it. ....a reply by Tamal.
• United States
1 Sep 11
love is not just a feeling it is something you have to work at everyday. it is a choice and action, both ppl have to be working hard to love forever, yes it starts has a feeling but you have to keep those feelings going for true love is by choice.
@Manasha (2324)
• Pondicherry, India
1 Sep 11
love is unexplainable and can be felt through feeling.